Wednesday, October 21, 2020

What is Haiku Candy?

Haiku Candy is an easy way to embed a thoughtful Hailku into your emails as unique email signatures.
Haiku Candy provides a free email Haiku for personal and/or commercial use.

What is Haiku Poetry?

Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry composed of 3 phrases
Traditionally Haiku were made-up of 17 syllables (5:7:5),
contemporary Haiku in English will often ignore this.
Haiku are typically about nature, the earth and the natural world. These free Haiku poems cover a range of natural topics and most are written in the ‘Free Style‘ format.

Why Free Haiku poetry

Haiku Candy is a labour of love for Anthony Rutledge. Tony has authored thousands of Haiku and has selected some to share online via his Haiku Candy website to use as unique email signatures.

For a more comprehensive description
of what Haiku is and its history,
check out the - Wikipedia Haiku link.


Enliven your emails with thoughtful
and unique FREE Haiku Poetry sign-off

How does it work?

Haiku Candy free Haiku poetry can be downloaded for
personal or commercial use. You embed a small,safe
HTML refererence in your email signature and Haiku Candy does the rest. 

Each time you create an email, Haiku Candy selects a
Haiku from within the program itself and inserts it after
your usual signature at the end of your email message.

Go to the Browse Haiku Poems page to have the choice of a number of Haiku Collections from which to choose a specific Haiku, a random one from a Collection or a random one from all Collections.

It's easy to use, just follow the instructions on the
How to Use Haiku Candy page.

Click here to download free email Haiku and enjoy your unique email signatures!

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